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Kylie Matthews
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Kylie is a freelance journalist commissioned to write feature articles as well as edit and produce content for mainstream newspapers, magazines and online publications.

Over the course of her 20+ year career, she has worked with book publishers and media outlets around the world, including Simon & Schuster Australia, Addenda (Auckland NZ), Macmillan Education (Oxford UK), Routledge (Oxford UK), The Manly Daily (News Corp), The Illawarra Mercury (Fairfax), Bauer Media, The Smith Journal (Frankie Press), body+soul (News Corp), (News Corp), (News Corp), The Huffington Post Australia, (News Corp) and Marie Claire magazine (Pacific Magazines).

Samples of published work

Written by Kylie Matthews

Forgotten, underfunded, neglected: Inside child removal in Australia

Child removal rates are continuing to rise. Yet, state governments are refusing to tackle these essential issues. What’s to be done...

Friendships: How to raise kids to be ‘good friends’

Friendships teach our kids so much and its value is something our children will draw on throughout their lives. Are...

Could ‘Pphubbing’ Be Secretly Ruining Your Relationship?

New research suggests this pernicious problem is wrecking emotional havoc. First published by on Tuesday, June13, 2017. Do you spend more...

What happens when the love of your life becomes abusive

WHAT do you do when the person you considered the love of your life, turns out to be physically, verbally...

The Fight For Teresa’s Law: Why Are So Many Violent Men Let Out On Parole?

Is the legal system failing to protect vulnerable women?  First published by on April 19, 2017. In January, mum-of-four Teresa...

The great concert ticket rip-off

SYDNEY dad Gordon* had planned to surprise his teenage daughter with Green Day concert tickets. First published on on March...

Sperm shortage: One man’s decision to donate

TYSON Young is an ordinary guy who has chosen to do something pretty extraordinary — with his sperm. First published by

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